How Much Physical Activity Does Your Child Need?

Some kids want to run around from sunrise to the long last sunset, never taking a break. For other kids, it’s a battle just to get them off their tablets for a minute to discuss their day. Here are general recommendations to help your child remain healthy, from our Dana Point chiropractors at PCH Chiropractic.  We are to help you make healthy decisions for your child, and encourage you to use our office as a resource for help.

When your kid is getting enough regular physical activity, it can help various aspects of their life, including their weight and sleep. So how much is right for your little one?

Recommendations on Physical Activity for Children
Recommendations on Physical Activity for Children

General Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also referred to by the acronym CDC, recommends children between the ages of six and 16 need at least an hour of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity activity daily.

And physical activity doesn’t have to be going for a jog every day. It can be hiking at a state park, doing gym class, participating in a community gym program, jumping on a trampoline, playing tag, riding a bike, playing sports, swimming, and the list goes on…

The important thing is to teach your kid to love to get physical. Make it a habit to get exercise each day, and try to do it with your child whenever possible. You can make physical activity fun for your child, and get the exercise you need at the same time.

Some kids are generally more laid back and would rather live a sedentary lifestyle, complete with watching movies, doing art, reading, and other non-physical activities. Therefore, it might take these children a little more convincing to get physically active. You might need to get creative by incorporating their interests into the activities in some way, shape, or form, or experimenting with a variety of physical activities until you find one or more they enjoy.

Why It’s So Important

Your child’s heart continues to grow until he or she is done growing. And for the rest of his or her life, the heart will change. Exercise plays an important role in getting your child the exercise necessary to strengthen his or her heart.

Exercise works the lungs as well as the muscles and other soft tissue. Your child will be more resilient to injury and more flexible.

Physical activities stimulate the release of feel-good hormones that can keep your child mentally healthy and happy. In addition, you can help your child manage his or her weight by keeping him or her physically active.

And their little brains need input and stimulation to develop properly.  More and more studies are showing how physical exercise helps the brain. Wanna have a child with a good brain? Make sure they get lots of movement in their day.

Why We’re Stressing the Importance of Physical Activity in Kids

As Dana Point chiropractors, we focus on the human body and keeping it in tip-top shape, not letting the pain get the best of people. We see firsthand how a sedentary lifestyle affects people as they get older, and we know from education and experience, you can ease the burden of pain as you age by being physically active. Ultimately, we believe that good habits start young, though it’s never too late to get more physically active.

Sleep issues, ADHD, and autism, are common reasons people bring their children to see us. Our chiropractic care does have the power to help in some cases; lifestyle habits also play a role. Thus, we’re forever giving people lifestyle recommendations they can use when they’re not in our office. One of those lifestyle suggestions is to incorporate exercise into a child’s life whenever possible.

One of our favorite sayings to share with our patients is: Any movement is an improvement.  And we are regularly encouraging our parents to make sure their children are regularly getting physical activity.  Things like: biking, running around at the park, hikes, swimming, dance, gymnastics, soccer, surfing, or just a family walk each night after dinner.

At PCH Chiropractic, we’re here to help people of all ages, and we stress the fact that good habits start young. That’s why we’re here telling you today how important it is for your child to get active.

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