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With chiropractic for pregnancy, many women discover numerous benefits. The Webster technique is one of many tools our PCH Chiropractors can use to optimize your health and well-being.

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Many years ago, Dr. Larry Webster developed a technique of chiropractic adjustments to remove tension on the intra-uterine ligaments. The uterus is suspended in the abdomen by twelve specialized ligaments. Misalignments/ subluxations can cause unwanted tension on these ligaments and result in uterine constraints which would prevent the baby to move freely to its optimal desired position.

Dr. Palmer Peet was mentored by Dr. Webster himself while in Chiropractic College well over 40 years ago. Dr. Peet went on to teach all across the country other chiropractors the gentle adjustments that Dr. Webster taught him in order to relieve the intra-uterine ligament constraint and has authored books on the subjects. When these tensions are removed, the baby is able to move more freely and have been known to move from their breeched position to having their head down in a more optimal position for birth. Therefore, making the birth and delivery process a lot easier, not only for the mom, but for the baby as well.

chiropractor performing the Webster technique on a pregnant patient

What about the Webster Technique that I’ve heard about?

Webster is a technique consisting of gentle chiropractic adjustments and release techniques for the relaxing intra uterine ligaments developed by Dr. Larry Webster. These constraints have been shown to sometimes have the baby lay in a breech position. By removing the constraints it allows the baby to move fully and assume the position that is the most comfortable for him/her. These have been shown be very helpful in pregnancy. The doctors at PCH Chiropractic were fortunate to study extensively under Dr. Webster, and have even taught the Webster Technique to other Doctors of Chiropractic. The Doctors at PCH Chiropractic are experts in the Webster technique as taught by Dr. Webster, and welcome all pregnant patients that wish to benefit from such.

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