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Since starting treatment, my pain has decreased and energy levels have increased. Definitely an above average experience with every session.
I visited PCH because of shoulder pain and lack of sleep, I suffered this condition for about a year and a half and could not figure out what was wrong. After my first visit and x-rays the explanation was clear, Dr. Catherine and Dr. Palmer explained that I had a impingement in my neck that was causing my shoulder pain, after about two months of visits I can say to this day that I have no shoulder pain and I feel amazing, I highly recommend Them. They are fantastic. John DeMaria
Dr. Pete, Dr. Katherine, Deana, and Tori are the best Chiropractor team! I play tennis every week and travel almost monthly and when I get adjusted and get the traction, I feel so much better, lighter and my posture has improved dramatically. I would highly recommend PCH Chiropractor anytime!!!
Extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in all facets of Chiropractic care and wellness!
Lovely practice and Drs! Thank you Dr. Palmer and Dr. Peet for being awesome and all your love and support!
PCH Chiropractic always goes above & beyond for their patients!!! When I am finished with my exercises, traction and adjustments I feel amazing!! Like my mind is clear & body is totally in sync. So grateful for this group of compassionate people.Thank you Dr’s Catherine & Palmer Peet and Deanna
Feeling better after just 2 visits
Been having neck and back pain for a few years. I’m a pretty young guy at 34 not overweight played football and a lot of skateboarding just through life. I’ve had a lot of pain radio frequency, ablation multiple pain, doctors after car accident .I would more than highly recommend PCH Chiropractic I feel like I can live successful life, pain-free coming, and I’m not Overstating that at all
Dr Catherine was very thorough.I was given a tour around the officeAnd a basic but complete explanation of how the brain body and vertebra function and are connectedI’m looking forward to my healing journey
Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 star review Victoria. The whole team at PCH Chiropractic in Dana Point really enjoyed meeting you and we look forward to helping you further.
Amazing experience, Very thorough , explained every step.sweet people that work there. great environment. Five stars.
The entire team at PCH chiropractic are knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating. Most importantly, they keep me surfing, and snowboarding! They’re wonderful and treat my entire family.
A very integrated approach for total health, not only am I feeling the improvement in my spine and flexibility, but I’m also learning a lot from really great people.
The chiropractors are knowledge. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. I'm so glad I found them when I was looking.
Doctor Palmer was a warm and easy person to converse with and made me feel very comfortable. His adjustments were comfortable and easy. He listened to my input and gave suggestion for my best care,The staff was very attentive and facility was warm and comfortable.I look forward to seeing him again.
Dr's Catherine & Palmer Peets are educated professionals. I am a person trained and practiced in "traditional" medicine who found the PCH Clinic to be a stone cold clinically thoughtful and professional environment. I did not feel like I do in so many "traditional" clinics as a nuisance and didn't have to sit in a waiting room for 30 - 45 minutes after checking in. The doctor(s) spent more than 15 minutes with me, unlike "traditional" doctors, and actually remembered my last visit and my name! I am committed to them and they have committed me to my OVERALL health!!
I originally came into PCH hoping they could help with my sudden neck pain and I am so thankful that I came to this practice and not others! I reached a point where I thought feeling fatigued all the time and getting headaches was the normal for everyone but I knew the neck and lower back pain wasn't the normal so after a full X-ray I was informed that my spine was out of alignment all over the place and that yes, the subluxation was causing the neck pain but that was also impeding on the nerve supply to all of my other organs. Only after a thorough evaluation of my x-rays did they start adjusting me. No GUESSING at PCH! Dr. Catherine has not only helped by adjusting my spine but also has helped me make changes in my lifestyle that has help me regain my energy level and also pin-pointed the source of my constant itching and gut pain! Let me tell you as someone who has pursued the traditional medical route as a career that if your doctor is prescribing just another drug to put a bandaid on the problem and not helping you find the root cause, you need to come to PCH and have an open mind. Your body WANTS to heal itself and having a spine that is in alignment will allow your immune system to function properly because your nerve supply to those specific organs won't be impeded upon! I really don't think there is any other team of healthcare professionals that will take better care of you than at PCH or hear you when you say something isn't right.
One of the best chiropractors in the business.
Words cannot begin to properly express my admiration and appreciation for Dr. Catherine! Never in my life have I finally felt genuinely cared for by a doctor. She cares with all of her heart and goes above and beyond to create a plan to help me reach my goals. I trust Dr. Catherine entirely and strongly recommend you see her today. She will transform your life. ♥️
Loved my experience here. Everyone is very kind and helpful.
I am beyond grateful for this family of amazing people who have helped me in so many ways. I can already feel such an improvement in my health and energy levels since starting about two months ago, and I know that it will only get better. They are so kind-hearted and truly want people to feel their best. I could go on for hours but to sum it up: I’m forever grateful. Weird events and life timing brought me to exactly to the healing I need right now. Love you guys❤️
Best Chiropractors ever!!! I couldn’t be happier with the service and care that I receive PCH Chiropractic
Response from the owner: We are grateful you have enjoyed your care at PCH Chiropractic in Dana Point. We also have enjoyed taking care of you and your family so you can function better and do all the sports and activities you enjoy. Thank you again for the 5 stars review🙏
Very thorough…staff sincerely cares for their patients, this is not an attempt to money grab. They’re truly healers!!
First visit, seem very nice and know their stuffSo far amazing.Well I’m 1 month in to my program and all my lower back pain is gone.The 2 doctors are the best and the young lady that runs the place and sets up the traction (Deanne) is amazing.Plus being here I am hearing about many life changed due to their great work.Praise God for them.
I LOVE PCH Chiropractic. They are super caring, knowledgeable, and professional. They also do a 3 part service in every appointment with adjustment, traction and exercises.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Sarah for the 5 star review. The whole team at PCH Chiropractic in Dana Point loves to help you and your family getting your health back. By doing those 2 extra steps it really helps the healing process and also for you to have long lasting results. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit:)
I'm so happy I found PCH Chiropractic and Dr Catherine. She uses different modalities to treat my back condition...not just spinal adjustment. She is treating me holistically and I see much improvement. The receptionist/assistant is absolutely darling and really on top of her game. I highly recommend this office that uses Chiropractic Biophysics Techniques.
My experience with PCH has been top notch! Palmer, Katherine & Deanna are amazing! So welcoming and caring. I have been going for almost a month and I can say with confidence the treatment I am receiving is working for my neck and back. I can’t say enough great things!
Great Drs. Great staff. They were very understanding and helpful of my situation. Best adjustment ever !!
They were all very friendly and Professional. I got a tour of all the equipment used for each body part and a comprehensive evaluation.
I really appreciate the quality care that I receive in this office. The people truly care. It's a fun place to be.
Response from the owner: Hi Jann! Thank you for the 5 star review! The team at PCH chiropractic in San Clemente / Dana Point is happy to hear that you know we truly care about your health. We love to hear about you active adventures and look forward to seeing you soon!
My experience with PCH Chiropractic has been great! Catherine's expertise in neurology made a significant difference in managing my dysautonomia and nervous system issues. Her personalized and knowledgeable care is commendable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch chiropractic and nervous system care.From the moment I walked in, the staff's warmth and professionalism put me at ease. Catherine took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, explaining the treatment plan thoroughly. Her precision and gentle approach during the sessions were exactly the type of treatment needed for nervous system dysfunction.Thanks to her skill and knowledge, my nervous system has greatly improved in just a few weeks. I am grateful for her help and guidance and continued care. The clinic's ambiance and equipment reflect their commitment to patients of any age well-being.If you're looking for a reliable chiropractic clinic with expertise in neurology and a gentle touch PCH Chiropractic is the place to go. I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine and the team for their outstanding service and genuine care.LCB
CPH chiropractic is great. They have created a friendly and healing environment, take time to communicate clearly and compassionately, and most importantly are willing to jump right in to help you with whatever spinal issues you’re experiencing. I was visiting from out of town and had a lot of neck pain. I was nervous to go to a new chiropractic office but they took care of me and I was feeling much better even after my first adjustment. They took x rays so I could really understand what was misaligned and then we made a plan from there. So thankful for this team and after my experience here, I highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Thank you Katherine for the 5 star review! The whole team at PCH Chiropractic was grateful you trusted us with your health while you were away from home and that you were able to better enjoy your vacation that you truly deserved:)
Wow, can't say enough good things about this place & everyone working here. I have been going regularly for about a month and the progress I have already made has been amazing. One of the biggest aspects is I have been having noticeable less anxiety & a lower heart rate, coming from someone with tachycardia and constantly on edge this has been a god send! I had no idea getting my neck and spine in the right direction could help my mental health! They do x rays at the first appt so you know exactly what's going on. Highly recommend!
These chiropractors are very knowledgeable and personable and the techniques they use convey the actual results you are receiving!This Is A Top Notch Chiropractic Team!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Debbie! And thank you for trusting us with your health ❤️
AMAZING doctors that truly care about your overall health! Full service chiropractic to ensure your body heals itself! Highly recommend Drs. Catherine and Palmer!
PCH Chiro has saved my neck(literally)I walked in having so much pain and even after my first visit i felt a difference!! Now I am pain free and I walk taller & straighter!!! I am blessed to have found Dr. Palmer & Dr. Catherine!! Please give them a try you will be glad you did!
So glad my husband and I found this place. Very kind doctors. They take the time to get to know their patients and no appointment ever is rushed. After seeing many “crack and go” chiropractors I am very happy to have found this clinic.
They are the best! Adjustments, exercises and traction. They treat and help all ages, even babies. Dr. Catherine is also very knowledgeable in nutrition and how it affects your health. Highly recommend!
What a fabulous place to discover while away from home for a month! Dr. Catherine and Dr. Palmer are knowledgeable and I appreciate their holistic approach to health and wellness! Front desk staff was so kind and efficient! I felt heard and cared for 100%!!
I have been using PCH Chiro for prenatal treatment. Dr. Catherine has been phenomenal at helping relieve all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy and even helped with some issues I had pre-pregnancy. The team is wonderful, responsive and scheduling is extremely easy. Highly recommend them, especially because finding specialists in prenatal chiro is VERY hard to find.
PCH Chiropractic has been a life saver. At 53 they were able to discover that my leg discrepancy was 3/4 in off. No physical therapy or adjustments Only would help long term. I would need to put a lift on the outside of my shoe to balance me out. So I did along with my adjustments & traction I’m no longer in back pain constantly. Thank you Dr. Peet
Dr. Palmer and Dr. Catherine @ PCH Chiropractic in Capo Beach are by far the most sincere, caring, and compassionate doctors I have ever had. They ask questions and listen to me, and are very generous with their time. They literally saved me from an unbearable pain and suffering period of time in my life, working with me to correct the alignment of my spine and pelvis. I’ll never forget the first time I spoke with Dr. Catherine over the phone, in tears and desperate for help. Their office was closed for the afternoon but she agreed to meet me there anyway. When I got there she met me in the parking lot and literally pulled me out of my car, and half carried me into their office. She and their assistant Deanna (a gem as well) spent 2 hours with me taking the X-rays needed to diagnose my problem(s). I am a walking-talking testimony to Dr. Palmer and Dr. Catherine’s healing and excellent care. Both my spine and pelvis are now aligned correctly I continue to see them twice a month and look forward to every visit with them.
Drs. Catherine & Palmer, owners of PCH Chiropractic are the best chiropractors that I've ever been to (and I've been to many)! Their use of traction is amazing & finally I've gotten the curve back both in my neck and lower back. Their office staff, Deana is so helpful & they truly care for their patients!! I can't recommend them more highly...they truly changed my life!!
I always have a wonderful experience every time I come in. I have lower back and neck issues. When I leave, I'm always feeling better than when I walked in !! Catherine, Palmer, and Deana are the Best !! 😎