What to Expect: Prenatal Chiropractic Care Visit

Depending on how far along you are, you probably already know what to expect at your prenatal visits. However, if you’re now looking into prenatal chiropractic care, you may wonder what to expect at your first visit and subsequent ones. And even if you’ve been to the chiropractor before, you may have questions as to how prenatal chiropractic visits differ.

At PCH Chiropractic, we’d like you to know what a prenatal visit with a Dana Point chiropractor is like to put your mind at ease.

Pregnant Woman Going to Prenatal Chiropractic Care Visit
Pregnant Woman Going to Prenatal Chiropractic Care Visit

If You’ve Been to a Chiropractor Before

If you’ve been to a chiropractor in the past, especially to see one of our Dana Point chiropractors, you already know the drill as to what happens. You walk in and fill out a medical history report for us so we have insight into your medical conditions and any previous injuries or surgeries you had. This information can help determine the problem and create a specialized care plan with your needs and health in mind.

When you’re a repeat patient of ours, every so often, we’ll ask you if this information is still accurate, and you’ll have an opportunity to update it. You can also ask one of us to update the information if something has changed.

The next step is meeting with a chiropractor from our practice. At this point, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your pregnancy symptoms and what you want to achieve out of seeing a pregnancy chiropractic specialist.

We’ll ask you questions about how far along you are and if you have a high-risk pregnancy so we can use this information to create a plan safe for you and your growing baby.

When it’s time for an adjustment, it’s the same process as when you’re not pregnant. However, we alter it to meet the needs of your body and your unborn baby. The same applies to any therapeutic exercise. We just might have to alter the plan a bit. We’ll also change how we position you on the table to ensure your comfort and not to put pressure on the baby.

During your visit, you also have a chance to ask us any questions you have about your pregnancy, and we’ll provide you with expert insight to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy, even when you aren’t in our office.

If You’ve Never Seen a Chiropractor Before

Perhaps you’re completely new to chiropractic care and are desiring a visit to manage your pregnancy symptoms naturally, maybe due to a friend’s recommendation. On the other hand, you might be trying to do whatever you can to keep your unborn baby healthy so you want to try chiropractic care. No matter why you’re seeing a Dana Point chiropractor, the visit will begin with you filling out a medical history report. It’s essentially the same as if you’re completing one for a physician, only part of it is geared toward your musculoskeletal system.

Once completed, you’ll then visit with one of our chiropractors who’ll ask you questions about your health goals and any pregnancy symptoms you have. The practitioner will want to know about your pregnancy and how far along you are. Our chiropractor will also want to know if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

Our chiropractor will then use this information to create a health plan, especially for your needs and wishes. Your first adjustment, if that’s part of your treatment, will consist of our chiropractor positioning you on the table. You’ll be asked to lay in a way that won’t put pressure on the baby and will be comfortable for you. The alignment portion will consist of us correcting subluxations in the spine through manual means, but we’ll often focus on the lower portion of your spine. The pressure we’ll apply to the spine is controlled, and we’ll avoid any pressure points on your changing body to prevent any discomfort.

If you visit PCH Chiropractic to see one of our Dana Point chiropractors during your pregnancy, you’ll receive specialized care for expecting mothers and their developing little ones. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the process is safe while providing you with the optimal level of results.

Schedule your first prenatal chiropractic care visit with us by calling 949-503-2691 or using our online form.

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