Spinal Health at Dana Point, CA

PCH Spinal Health Approach

Your entire body’s communication and function depend on the health of your spine.

Your brain receives and sends various signals – almost constantly. These signals run from your brain, through your spine, and to wherever they are intended for. The nerve bundles in your spinal column also impact your breathing, your movement, your heartbeat, and more. When your spinal health experiences dysfunction, your entire health may suffer.

Mobility Issues

With spinal misalignments, you are more prone to inflexibility and mobility issues. This can greatly increase your risk of injury, reduce your reach, and create problems with dexterity, which is why many athletes choose chiropractic care as part of their regular wellness routine. Regular chiropractic care is vital to improving the range of motion and creating overall comfortable movement. The staff at PCH Chiropractic has years of experience in the care of athletes from weekend warriors all the way up to elite athletes.

patient getting help from a chiropractor for their spinal health

Balance and Posture

Your spinal curvature is associated with your balance and posture. When your spine is properly aligned, you can stand upright with good posture. This leads to improved balance, and also means you require fewer adjustments down the road.

Body Strength and Exercise

Better spinal alignment means your body works better overall. This leads to improved results from exercise, including improved mobility and strength. When your spine is aligned correctly, you’ll have more powerful back muscles for lifting heavy. You’ll have better support for your rib cage. And you’ll experience reduced muscle pain in the back and throughout the entire body. You’ll breathe better. You may even golf better, or be able to catch that big wave at Trestles.

Immune System Response

Surprisingly, your spinal alignment has an impact on your immune system function. In proper alignment, everything in your body – including your immune system – works better. With excellent brain-body communication, your body works as a well-functioning team to combat illness and disease. Chiropractic care at PCH Chiropractic can help you achieve optimal functioning of your body, including a better immune response, and some of our patients have reported getting sick less often.

Ready to experience the measurable benefits of proper spinal health?
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