Signs Your Child Has Anxiety: How Chiropractic Can Assist

We don’t typically think of children as having complex behavioral health problems. And we genuinely seem to think that kids don’t have much to worry about, so they remain cool as a cucumber when there’s a little stress in their lives. However, this isn’t the case. Some children battle with anxiety, and it’s disrupting their lives. But, PCH Chiropractic can assist!

General Information

Experts haven’t pinpointed the exact cause of anxiety in children, though a number of factors may and can play a role, including the brain’s biochemistry, living through traumatic events, and having a stressful living situation. For some children, the cause could be learned behaviors or genetics.

Signs of Anxiety in Children
Signs of Anxiety in Children

Signs of Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children can manifest in various forms. For instance, your child may get agitated easily at a situation and possibly yell or become combative. The kid may give you an “attitude.”

Sometimes, an anxious child will have difficulty falling and staying asleep. You may notice that the kid is restless. It can affect the child physically as well by causing stomach aches and headaches.

In some more serious cases, he/she can develop tics that they can’t consciously control.

In younger children, though it may happen in older ones as well, the kid may throw a temper tantrum over issues that seem rather minute, like their pants, hair, and socks before school. After school, they may melt down from the thought of having to do homework.

A child with anxiety may try to avoid situations that cause it. For instance, if your child gets social anxiety and is struggling to speak to others easily, he or she may avoid get-togethers and extracurricular activities that would cause him or her to feel stressed. In some cases, if the child has anxiety related to school, he or she may not want to go.

You may notice that a kid with anxiety will have high expectations of him or herself when it comes to schoolwork and grades and sports or other extracurricular activities.

The symptoms of anxiety could spill over into school. Your child may not be able to sit there and pay attention during class.

Getting Your Child Help With Anxiety

Keep in mind that your little one doesn’t have all the tools necessary to calm him or herself down. Therefore, with limited coping methods, anxiety can take quite a toll on a child’s quality of life and overall well-being. This is when you can help by getting him or her the help necessary to cope.

While you typically think of a psychologist as a person who deals with children who have anxiety, this isn’t always necessary. This is especially the case when you would rather have a natural approach, and you and your child would prefer not to go through talk therapy or other similar approaches.

No matter the treatment plan your child receives, you can be certain our staff will find the right program for him or her. That’s because we listen to both the concerns of you and your child and revolve any medical treatment around those. This allows us to provide your little one with a customized treatment approach, making it more likely that we’ll target the problem accurately.

Sometimes, the treatment may consist of spinal alignments that serve the purpose of easing stress on the spine. What happens in some cases is that the child’s body is under continuous stress. The alignment eases some of that stress and improves nervous system communication, ultimately leading to a calmer child. And this is merely one treatment we may use to help your child. It has been shown that when the spine is adjusted it helps to relax the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Which is the side of the nervous system that is in charge of the “rest, digest, and heal”.

At PCH Chiropractic, we see patients with childhood anxiety on a regular basis. It’s heartbreaking to watch children endure such a grown-up problem, but chiropractic care can assist.

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