Preparing Your Little One for Their First Visit

You may have done your homework about pediatric chiropractic care. You understand the benefits and the safety of this healthcare specialty. However, your child doesn’t understand all the research and may be a bit skeptical about seeing another doctor, especially since doctors often get the reputation for giving out the “S” word. With us being a non-invasive, non-medication-based solution, your child doesn’t ever receive care like that, and the experience can be a positive one. You just need to prep your kid for their first appointment adequately so they aren’t so nervous. At PCH Chiropractic, we have some advice.

Preparing your child for pediatric chiropractic care

Preparing your child for pediatric chiropractic care

Tell Your Child What a Chiropractor Is

As soon as you tell your child he or she is going to see Dr. Catherine Peet or Dr. Palmer Peet, they’ll hear nothing but the “Dr.” part. Automatically, his or her mind may go to getting a shot. So, make sure you explain we’re not the type of practitioners who give shots.

Let them know we center our care on non-invasive treatments. Just put that into your own words because your child probably doesn’t know that word.

Explain that we focus our care on back health, and the treatments may include us feeling their backs and the small bumps on their spine. Maybe invite them to feel yours on your back so they can feel and see that it is gentle and won’t hurt.

Tell your child that our care can help them better manage symptoms of any condition they have, whether it be ADHD, stress, autism, or another similar issue.

Play Chiropractor

Kids learn through play. And play can also help to calm their nerves and allow them to gain an understanding of what they can expect, just as they would play doctor.

We recommend starting by asking your child a few questions related to his or her condition.

Then provide a mock chiropractic adjustment. Don’t ever try to “crack” your child’s back on your own. Save that for those who understand the complex structure of the musculoskeletal system and how to properly perform an adjustment on little ones and people in general.

Perhaps you could guide your child through some exercises and give him or her some health advice before leaving the “practice.”

From this experience, your child will have some fun and see that going to the chiropractor isn’t scary at all.

Ask if He or She Has Questions

Your kid is going to embark on a new experience, even though it’s a positive one for him or her. He or she, however, has no idea what to expect and describing in kid terms what a chiropractor is may still not give him or her a clear picture. This uncertainty may lead to fear.

Share with them that we have 40 years of experience adjusting kids and that we have adjusted thousands of kids.

Allow for time to ask questions. Answer these questions to the best of your ability in a way that’s understandable. Anything you’re unsure of, be honest about. Let your child know he or she can ask a chiropractor once you get to your first appointment.

Ask How Your Child Feels About This

Be sure not to ask in a way that makes your child worry he or she might not enjoy the experience. Instead, ask questions, such as “Are you excited about your chiropractic visit?” Calm any fears the best you can.

Let Him or Her Bring a Favorite Stuffed Animal

If your child would feel more comfortable bringing Spot the Dog, by all means, let him or her bring it. Maybe he or she can pretend to be its chiropractor. We can “teach” them how to adjust their favorite furry friend.  By having something to comfort him or her, it’ll make this an overall more enjoyable experience.

At PCH Chiropractic, we’re a pediatric chiropractic practice. We welcome children and do our best to make this a pleasant experience for them. We’re also here to answer any of your questions as a parent.

Book your child’s first visit with us today by calling (949) 503-2691. For your convenience, we also have an online scheduling tool.

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