Family Care at Dana Point, CA

A Chiropractic Approach to Family Care

Our families influence us in many ways. As children, we learn from our parents. As we grow up, we learn from our friends, spouses, and even our own children. Families, undoubtedly, impact each other in more ways than one. They can encourage positive behaviors and prevent negative ones. Chiropractic care is safe at any age. It can help the whole family lead a healthy and happy life. Begin encouraging your family to visit our San Clemente and Dana Point chiropractors soon. Let’s keep your family’s health on track!

Common Family Needs

Your family likely visits the same family doctor. And your family can also visit the same chiropractor. In fact, we encourage it. Family health history plays a significant part in your own health. Thus, when we see issues with one family member, we can prevent and continue to check for these adversities or health problems in others. While PCH Chiropractic treats each member of your family as unique, you may also have similar issues. When you see the same chiropractor as a family, you can improve your own health and pass it on to those you know and love. Further, if you pick up a healthy habit, your family is more likely to also follow suit.

PCH Chiropractic's Dr. Peet Providing Family Care to patients

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care is safe at any age. From infants with chronic ear infections to young athletes with injuries, to elderly individuals who may worry about falling, chiropractic care can help. Chiropractic care focuses on improving the central nervous system, which sends and receives messages within the body. Even small misalignments may cause disruptions in this process. By visiting the chiropractor as a family, you can address you and your family’s health needs, correct these misalignments, and promote long-term health.


Visiting PCH Chiropractic

At PCH Chiropractic, we take the time to fully understand each family member’s health issues, history, and goals. Our doctors are highly skilled, with Drs. Palmer and Catherine Peet having a specific focus on pediatric chiropractic care. By partnering with San Clemente and Dana Point, CA chiropractors, your family can lead a healthy and happy life – together.


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